Saturday, January 28, 2012

10 years of soap dropping in prison for Alex Da Silva

My poochielicious fellow comrades.

Alex Da Silva, 43, wont be dancing away in our screens but behind bars. And not with a sexy senorita but with Doug the wrestling criminal from LA. Doug who already spent 5 years for rape will get a new victim served to him on a fancy plate. And it's a latina. Doug loves applepie. (I just made up Doug, but be sure it will be somebody totally awesome like Doug).

The story continues...
Alex Da Silva was charged with multiple felonies stemming from allegations he raped and sexually assaulted four women..... That's [ 4 ]. All former dance students of his. Mr teacher like them young and soft, slim and tall, they're between the ages of 20 - 26. He was also convicted for one count of rape. This latina is a naughty boy.

Naughty boy finally behind bars. 

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