Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dog Gets A Facelift

We thought it was enough with real humans but now even dogs get plastic surgery. For a price of $13,000 a bloodhound got a face lift, tummy tuck and other surgeries. The owners admit some of the surgeries were cosmetic.

Nick Obank/Barcroft Media
Unfortunately has the pooch a rare disease that cause excess skin to develop on its body and face which makes him unable to see etc. So, the surgeries was needed for medical reasons too.

But $13,000? Well sure, if people got the money then it's up to them what to do but the thing that's frightening my mind is "don't let this become an ordinary thing to do..". Although, that could create more jobs for people? But the poor doggies are going to be the victims for human greed or mind. As with everything, it got its ups-&-downs.


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