Sunday, January 29, 2012

He will take over our screen, meet Barna.....

Sparkling Edward will face a hard challenge, Barnabas. Who will win the golden shabby cup of the most creepiest vamp of the century? 

Soon he will hit our homes, our minds and he will appear in our dreams. With his special looks we will run as fast as we can. Meet J.D as B.C.

                                                                                                                                           photo: Google

So, who is Barnabas Collins? First I thought it was a teletubby (cause of the cute name) but then I realized it's a funny looking vamp with no fingernail-care. He likes them grow big. Then I found out that this vamp is more traditional than Edward Cullen. His mother also hated him and gave him the gift of long nails instead of a sparkling body.

He wears his precious 100-year old sunglasses, apparently he doesn't like to follow nowadays fashion (sad face Versace) and he cover himself in daytime. Hide you pretty little children, he got the pedo-vibe.

We get to follow Johny Depp as the freaky Barnabas Collin tubby (I'm sorry, vamp) and we get to see the gorgeous Michelle Pffiefer (I can never spell her name right, let's check google).... P f e i f f e r. In this awesome movie called Dark Shadows (May it not be a flop), you will follow their fantasy world and become a part of their frustrated fantasies. You know, just by reading the name I expect it to be awesome  with super cool visuals but I'm feeling slightly unsure about that..

If you want to read more about this sexy vamp, Barnabas says "read me"

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