Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Facebook Admits Bluffing

Fake users are swarming facebooks virtual world. You might be chatting to a person you already know.

Mark Zuckerberg  photo: wikipedia
5-6 percent of Facebooks active members, approximately 42 million, are fake. During an inspection by the federal authorities Facebook admitted that all the 845 millions aren't all real identities. This happened before the upcoming stock exchange and can have an impact on the shares value.

Poor Zuckerberg probably didn't count with this, especially after having Yahoo up his buttocks. How much money Yahoo wants for intruding in their patents, is unclear. But we think it's loads. Yahoo has hired the big shot Quinn Emanuel, who has done jobs for Google. We are anxiously waiting for rumors or news, give us.

And.. it doesn't stop there.

Recent Swedish studies has shown people feel sick of being on Facebook or not visiting it regularly, especially women, according to the psychology researchers at the Goteborg's university, students and an advertising bureau. They have interviewed 1000 swedish facebook users, writes DN.

The researchers believe a big factor of this problem is, they are comparing their lives with others. Well, hello??? Women have done this for thousands of years, and not only them, all have. I don't need to be a scientist to figure this out, do you?

Did I say poor Mark? Having three problems in one. We wish him good luck, dear Chuck.

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