Monday, March 5, 2012

Craigslist Has Dogs

It's a centralized network of online communities where free online advertisements are featured under sections devoted to sales, gigs, jobs etc. But it's also a place for finding oddities.

As we know, there's a lot of weird people out there with weird fantasies and desire. Who think they can be completely anonymous while having weird and odd requests on Internet. However, they fail too.

Three people in Arizona have been accused of trying to find a dog for a woman to have sex with, on Craigslist, according to ABC's news reports. As if it wasn't enough with her husbands and lovers equipment? They've been in touch with an owner of a Golden Shepherd and were hoping after spending three weeks corresponding with her over the dog, that she'd be up for it. But when they arrived -detectives were waiting for them.

How disturbing. Luckily these people didn't find a dog to penetrate the woman, however what makes me shiver is that all of them were dog owners.

Shane Walker, 38, and his wife Sarah Dae, 34, and the lover Robert Aucker, 30, were actually arrested and their plans went down the toilet, where they should stick their head and be ashamed for life.


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